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BOLTHOLE is the first developer in the industry to implement 5G streaming gameplay by developing its own real-time game streaming solution "OBSERVIEW360" based on the next-generation network.
"OBSERVIEW360" is a patented technology developed by BOLTHOLE, a real-time gaming streaming solution based on the next-generation network including 5G.

* Stream multiple games simultaneously in a traditional way that allows only one game to be streamed from a single operating system
* Simultaneous streaming to multiple users from a traditional, one-person, streaming game
* Game video and audio can be mixed and sent to external media platforms (YouTube, Twitch, etc.)

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Since its establishment in April 2014, Volthole has focused on developing VR related contents (mobile, broadcast broadcasting solutions, etc.).
By focusing on the development of a solution to build a game broadcasting platform that enables audience participation based on the technology developed for VR for many years, we have secured a solution to build a cloud streaming game platform and are currently developing a platform that enables game broadcasting services including VR.
The future cloud streaming market has become a next-generation food item, as the commercialization of 5G networks reveals the weaknesses of the previously scarce streaming technology.
Volthole aims to lead the game broadcasting market by building platforms and providing solutions based on 5G cloud streaming network technology, which is predicted to be the next market, playing games on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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