Panda Pang

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A vertical, horizontal and diagonal 8-direction, 3-match puzzle game.

Creation of special blocks when more than 4 blocks are matched.
Diverse obstacles which interrupt the missions.
About 30 different characters and 435 stages.

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Gnifrix is a professional content creator. Our main business is developing contents for Digital Cable TV and IPTV platform and also mobile games. We service over 20 million Korean households with our contents like Gni Games, Gni Comic, Kids Service including Play with little bus Tayo and Gni Kids Pop and T commerce service including B shopping, K shopping. We also launched 6 mobile games. Each year about 10 percent of growth is made on new employment and business development and we also have RnD lab attached for professional development. We are awarded many company certifications such as Top Venture Company, Inno-Biz Certificate, Small Hidden Champions, Best Gender Equality Firm and Good Work Place. Our Contents are also awarded with many prizes including Monthly Best Game by KOCCA, The Grand Prize for Smart Media by KCA, etc.

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