PEET the Forest Detective

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
15(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
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The great nature that embraces the mysterious secrets. How much do we know about the animals and their ecosystem? An insect on thornbush, trembling leaves , slippery sand trap – unpredictable things happen in our everyday lives.
The remarkable activities of ‘The Forest Detectives’ - passionate Peet, cursory Baba and clumsy Molly - make on-the-spot survey on animals, plants and insects, collect evidences and investigate. They are sometimes entrapped and are trailed by horrid animals, but ‘The Forest Dectectives’ never give up. PEET, the Forest Detective is a docuanimation with vivid real scenes and 3D characters of fun and easy learning for children!
PEET, the Forest Detective - Season 2 returns with the addition of new team member, Coco, and rival jungle detective squad that bring more fun and intrigue than Season 1.

Company Profile


Korea Educational Broadcasting System

EBS is Korea's educational content specialist broadcasting company. Currently, EBS operates eight channels including two terrestrial channels, one radio channel, three satellite education channels, one child channel and one channel for overseas Koreans. Terrestrial channels broadcast educational programs for infants and children, cultural and documentary programs for adults, VOD services through various Internet / mobile sites, and e-Learning content for each level.
Especially, EBS is a broadcasting company that makes world-class children's programs and documentaries beyond Korea. EBS science, history and nature documentaries are already recognized in the world market and are exported to North American and European broadcasters such as PBS, Smithsonian Channel in USA, France5, Arte and RAI in Europe.

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