PellongPellong 2 Demo

Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
5(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre



The theme song that has the plot of episode 2 as the lyrics

Company Profile

Character Animation Music Startup

TB Media Contents Co., Ltd.

Through the storytelling of flowers, the symbol of the four seasons of Jeju Island, and the Hallasan Baeknok mythical character <Bairu>, we want to foster them as global sympathetic characters. We will develop them into global brands and representative tourism characters representing Jeju Island.
Currently, it is expanding into various contents (animated, cartoon, music, etc.) by utilizing the "Byru" character, as well as developing/launching various products and selling them, it will grow into a global cultural content representing Jeju Island in the future.

Through Jeju Island's brand marketing, which combines graphic-designed Jeju letters with flower deer character "Byru," Jeju residents and domestic and foreign tourists who visit Jeju become consumers and are loved by them, raising Jeju Island's brand value.

It is in the process of producing an animated Pelong Pelong Vairu, and is currently in the final stage of discussing exports to China and Vietnam.

Soon, it will open its own store to create a space where you can enjoy Jeju-specific tourism products and culture, including Bairu.

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