PongPong Dino

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Infants and Toddlers
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For children who learn creativity and mutual respect through play, we present the world of Food Town, where any ‘food’ becomes ‘play’. Swimming in enormous size of watermelon, bouncing up and down the mushroom trampoline… Kids learn and grow through fun-fun play time!

Company Profile

Character Animation

Dream Factory Studio

Dream Factory Studio, an animation IP creator, focuses on expanding our business strategy with accomplished global professionals. Since its establishment, we have earned considerable acclaim from discerning global buyers and esteemed Korean agencies. This recognition can be attributed to our exemplary content creativity and meticulous planning prowess. A notable milestone occurred in 2017 when Dream Factory Studio introduced its animated series, 'ZellyGo,' which achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market through our strategic partnership with Youku/Alibaba and closed the deal with its global distribution with Viacom International.

Building upon this resounding triumph in the international arena, we are delighted to announce an exciting lineup of forthcoming projects. Among them are the highly anticipated 'Cabeon,' 'PongPong Dino,' 'Ping's oddventure,' and 'Monster Agency.' Each project holds the promise of captivating audiences worldwide as they combine enchanting characters with engaging narratives.

Dream Factory Studio's unwavering commitment lies in consistently delivering exceptional digital content and cutting-edge solutions through diverse avenues. With fervent dedication, we aim to engage and captivate the global audience while ambitiously pushing the boundaries of digital content creation.

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