Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


A peaceful and beautiful half moon shaped island around ranch. Kao is wearing Grandfather's cow helmet and gets special power. Once he wears the helmet, he can talk with baby cow, Sing Sing and he can do anything with flying boots and energy gloves. One day this peaceful town gets boisterous by kidnap cow by the Penguin, Pang Pang escaped from zoo. We get to see Koa's activities to keep the Half-moon shaped island and cows from Pang Pang's conspiracy to attack the island to steal milks.

Company Profile



After starting its business in 2004, FLYING PIG is now opening a new chapter with its passion for animation and creativity. In this age of change and reinvention of digital contents, we promise to provide you with differentiated contents and upgraded technology.

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