Rainbow Bubblegem

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
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The land school challenge of lovely mermaid princesses in the sea!
Purple, the mermaid in the sea kingdom, secretly goes on a land tour and is in danger of revealing its identity to humans. At the moment Purple asks for help to the sleeping bubblegem's, Guardian Fairy. The guardian of bubblegem transforms Purple into a human being. However, due to the excessive use of magic, bubblegem was cut into pieces and scattered on land. Whitegold, the queen who rules the sea, orders the seven mermaid princesses who live in the sea kingdom to attend schools on land and collect all the scattered bubblegem. Meanwhile, deep under the sea, a sea witch takes advantage of this opportunity to send her men to land to take away the bubblegem. Can seven mermaid princesses who grew up only under the sea apply well to school life on land? And can they defeat the sea witch's obstruction and collect all the scattered bubblegem? The rainbow-colored exciting adventure of the seven princesses begins!

Company Profile

CampfireAniworksCo., Ltd.

Character Animation

CampfireAniworks Co.,Ltd.

Campfire Aniworks (CFA) is a company that creates a culture which is the whole family can enjoy together through content. It is a content company established in 2017 led by the founding members of Olive Studio, which made <Cocomong>. Campfire Aniworks has united its key personnel who produced <Cocomong>, <Pororo>, and <Tayo> for global success based on their experience. Campfire Aniworks is a young company that is creating content that combines workability and business feasibility in the global market based on its experience in content business with E-Land and other large companies.

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