CampfireAniworks Co.,Ltd.

CampfireAniworksCo., Ltd.
Campfire Aniworks (CFA) is a company that creates a culture which is the whole family can enjoy together through content. It is a content company established in 2017 led by the founding members of Olive Studio, which made <Cocomong>. Campfire Aniworks has united its key personnel who produced <Cocomong>, <Pororo>, and <Tayo> for global success based on their experience. Campfire Aniworks is a young company that is creating content that combines workability and business feasibility in the global market based on its experience in content business with E-Land and other large companies.


Business Description

Our company ;incorporation has been established by members who have more than 10 years of experience making kids TV Series Animations.

1. Members' Portfolio
- Cocomong Season 1,2,3
TV series animation
Planning, Scenario, All Character Design, Project Directing
- Barnacle Lou
TV series animation
Planning and Character Design Directing
- Hello, Jadu
TV series animation
Character Design
- Bremen Star
Animated feature film
Planning, Scenario. All Character Design. All Background Design. Directing and Production

2.CampfireAniworks IP line-ups
- Bigfoots on Topsy-turvy Island
TV series animation
- Rainbow Bubble gem
TV series animation
- Hello, Mr. Sunglass
New media educational animation
- Bigfoots Dino Show
Online Puppet Animation
- Lala Duck
New media educational animation


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