ru and shoo

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Growing up through baseball of rabbit girl 'ru' and turtle 'shoo'.
Turtle baseball is a story for turtle baseball in heaven.
Baseball game in heaven is a only chance to be a human in earth.
This is a human story, too.
Ru and shoo is episode of childhood of turtle baseball.
Ru was born a girl rabbit, but she likes baseball more than anyone else.
And shoo was slow, but is a naturally baseball genius.
Ru and shoo is story of growing up through baseball of rabbit ru and shoo.

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character factory MANGCHI

character factory MANGCHI is a company of character design, character licensing, animation planning, character products selling. we have brands of Alien PPIO, gumdung gomdung, halabum, ru and shoo, bboshong friends, Cheer up PPUO PPUO, and A.I robot DUBI and DUBA, red blood. we have some animation projects .

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