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Target Age
Infants and Toddlers
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Production Stage
In Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


Webtoon ‘SamGyeTang’ is a funny story about a hard company life with its main character Aje-Sam, a ginseng character. In Korean, 'Aje‘ means 30~50 years old man. 'Sam Gye Tang‘ is a very famous Korean soup made of chicken and ginseng, and which is very good for health. However, ironically, in the webtoon ‘Sam Gye Tang’, main character Aje-Sam always has bags under his eyes due to a tiresome work life. His boss Yeonggae, a headless chicken character, is bad boss always harassing Aje-Sam.

Company Profile

Electural is a Creative Studio. We focus on developing Characters, Stories, and Animations with creative ideas and designs. We hope to convey Joy to kids and families all over the world through our characters and stories.

Character Cartoon Animation Startup


Electural is a creative studio engaged in the production and licensing of entertainment and educational content based on its own original character IP.

[ Business Area ]
- Original IP development
- Animation and new media content development
- Educational content development
- Licensing business

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