See What I See(Season 3)

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TV Channel
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New K-tourism content that presents diverse trendy travel styles .

Different travel styles for different people! Take your pick.
Everyone has their own travel styles and preferences.
Instead of following preset itineraries, design your own trip according to what you like. We offer customized travel ideas that will satisfy the needs of a diverse range of viewers.

Real and honest vlog-style travel guide.
K-pop band members and vloggers of different nationalities and backgrounds will lead the way as Hallyu travel guides.
Instead of delivering just facts and figures, they share travel tips with the viewers based on their own experiences.

Short and powerful!
Each vlogger presents a different travel style, which is captured in a short but engaging video that’s 7-8 minutes long.

The most Korean of items.
Cultural items that are familiar to Koreans can be completely new and different to foreigners. We select uniquely Korean items that will appeal to our global viewers!

Company Profile



Arirang TV, established in 1997 as a domestic cable TV service for foreigners in Korea, is Korea's leading global broadcasting company and opened Korea's first overseas satellite broadcasting service in 1999 for the Asia-Pacific region. In 2000, the company completed its worldwide broadcasting network including the Americas, Europe and Africa, and has been providing various contents including politics, economy, society, and culture to foreigners and Korean residents. Currently, Arirang has received a great deal of attention and love from approximately 1.3 billion viewers in 105 countries around the world, and is striving to provide more active marketing and quality programs.

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