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Following the unregistered children throughout Asia including South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, “Children in Shadows” questions what the fast but not well-prepared immigration system among Asia have left to us. In the film, we will show the children’s daily life, families, struggles and ultimately their dreams to live a normal life.

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Asia Home Entertainment Co.,Ltd

Asia Home Entertainment is the Total Asia Media Contents Group that was established in 2002 and had early started getting its emphasis on the media contents business over the region of Korea and a great China as a leader of the Korean wave, based on judgment that it would be China that become the core of the contents industry in the future.
We have built up the integrated know-how and trust from our business partners as a group of the experts specialized in entertainment toward China, starting from exporting the Korean contents to China and covering over the overseas distribution and exhibition in Korea and China of the contents of a greater China, contents production and entertainer management business, and are eager to seek for more aggressive joint venture, plan a strategic marketing and create high value-added profit model.

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