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“What's this?”
“What's wrong with that?”

Children always ask these questions with overflowing curiosity and energy when
they face new things. But! Simply answering the question is not enough.
It's no use explaining to children, "That's how it is.“
This is because the children in infancy never stop until their curiosity is solved.

What if the children use their imagination to find the answers for themselves as they play?
Sleuth Scout WACHUDIS MOYAMOZY started from this point.

‘ What if the things around us lose their memories? ’
‘ What if they're in trouble because they're doing odd jobs
that aren't what they're supposed to do? ’

Moya & Mozy help children observe and examine the objects on their own as if they are solving riddles. Children will learn how to understand the functions and roles and be able to
feel more familiar with the surrounding objects. They explore and solve the cases in a fun and engaging way through the use of colorful characters and exciting adventures.

Now it’s time for our children to embark on an adventure to find the lost memories of the object friends with Moya & Mozy.

“Help! I don't know who I am!”

Ducktronaut , a robot duck from outer space.
He steals memories of the object friends and turns them into gems.
"I'll steal all of your memories and become a real duck! Ha ha!“

Excavator that forgot how to dig
Satellite that forgot how to fly
Fire engine that forgot how to spray water, etc.

Many friends are in trouble.
Don't worry! Sleuth Scout WACHUDIS is on the way!
"We'll find your memories."
Moya and Mozy look for clues by carefully observing their object friends and explain the shapes and functions of objects to children in a fun way.

”Atta girl, Moya! Thatta boy, Mozy! Solved the case again!”
Today, a picture of the object friend who has found the memory will be drawn in Moya's casebook, and of course, the case-completed stamp, too. Smack!

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SIDE9 Inc. is the most competitive and leading professional Digital CGI Studio creates brand new 2D/2.5D/3D animated series and films with unprecedented ingenuity filled with brilliant ideas and imagination. With unrivaled state-of-the-art 3D Cartoon Rendering Technique expertise in-house based in Korea, we're providing diverse services and high-end visuals. This passion resulted in top-notch animations and CGI content with local and international clientele from a wide range of industries.

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