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Story Messenger Dongaebi
Type: 2D Animation(cut out)
Genre: Emotional Philosophy Daily Life
Format : TV series(11minx12episodes)
Target: Kids and Family
스토리 라인: A troublemaker of the town, Dongaebi. He lives in an old house with postman grandpa who is about to retire.
Dongaebi's one wish is to become a postman. One day, he finds out the secret of his birth through Ho and Lang, the spirits of Horned Holly that sprang out of a bar of an old house. Afterwards, he becomes a postman who d

Company Profile

Character Animation

Studio Fishiker co.,ltd

Studio Fishiker is a production company consisting of writers, producers and desingners.
Our name is a compound word of 'fish' and 'hitchhiker' which reflect our goal of producing works of highest qualities to suit all purposes with our creative imagination. With our debut work 'Kudada'.
we are currently in the process of delivering other projects in areas of animated works, pubulishing, film and more.
Story Messenger Dongaebi was airing on SBS(February), JeiTV(June) this year and Dongaebi's character cafe was running in Yanglim, Gwangju. Recently We are preparing for character licesing business and making Seson2 and investment.

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