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1. Introduction of the game
Tap to Galaxy is a mobile Role Playing Game for users in their 20s and 40s, a growing game of space background fighters.
Shows the confrontation between the alliance and the Imperial Army camps to occupy space resources, and multiple characters can climb fun epi cows and weapons, weapons, collectors, collectors, etc.
We have a storyline where several developing companies launch items to compete.
2. Game features
--Various options and ratings
More than 350 options, 10 grades, 5 grades Rare, but the composition and structure of items made in graded synthesis stages
--New Random System
A system in which various options are randomly generated for items acquired by players or obtained through synthesis, and other players and other "unique items of their own"
--Growth system
Conquer planets by attribute, collect space resources, create and synthesize various items to grow
--Competition system
Check your ranking via PVP before firepower and ranking

Company Profile

The company logo in the shape of a wormhole with the meaning (having knowledge) to create together (company and user)

Game Startup


Starting in Feburuary ,2020, 2HK Soft is a company for developing new games.
We are now making a new joy ,which would be called " Tap to Galaxy"( mobile role playing game).
Tap To Galaxy officially opened on April nineteenth, 2021.
2HK are trying to make ' new game system' , and our adventure will not stop. We want to make pleasures that are made of togetherness with users.

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