Tasty Guys

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Innumerable nameboards on the street and besides rampant inflexible reports concerning them... Gourmets may be possibly tired of such mess and they don't want to get used to them either. Obviously we are eager for reliable tips in terms of how to eat well. Because it is very important to enjoy the real pleasure of eating in life. Then no worries, you can find out a cheerful guide from four plump comedians. They step out into the streets to point out hidden-taste. Not only sorting out nice dishes instinctually, they bring nice ways of eating as well even in the case of flat ones.

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iHQ, Inc.

The two companies that have been leading the entertainment industry are working together to make a true win-win.
In March 2015, IHQ, which was born into a comprehensive entertainment company that integrates content and media,
Through strategic cooperation between each division and affiliated companies, we will create synergy and leap toward a bigger goal.

By combining the previous management, content production capabilities, and platform operation know-how, and strengthening the music/hallyu-related entertainment business through collaboration with affiliates, it is actively exploring not only domestic but also global markets.
will grow into a unique entertainment company.

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