The Bigfoots in Topsy-Turvy island

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
Detailed Genre
Comic Action



A mysterious adventure of the dinosaur family!
The Bigfoot Family, the last dinosaur family of this era, lives on a chaotic island floating alone in the far sea. Bigfoot families are different in appearance and personality, but they always live happily and harmoniously. Their is the troublemaker little dinosaur Poppu, the cute follower baby dinosaur Ppippu, the cheerful genius an inventor mother dinosaur Mammamia, the coward chef father dinosaur Papatuk, the forgetful grandmother dinosaur Granny, the old grandfather dinosaur Oldfoot who is good at old stories, and the music-loving uncle dinosaur Unclerock. The Bigfoot family goes on an adventure through a magical volcano, riding an eggshell that transforms itself into a variety of rides. Underground exploration today, underwater exploration tomorrow! Magic Volcano in the middle of a chaotic island is an amazing space-moving device that takes Bigfoot's family everywhere.

Company Profile

CampfireAniworksCo., Ltd.

Character Animation

CampfireAniworks Co.,Ltd.

Campfire Aniworks (CFA) is a company that creates a culture which is the whole family can enjoy together through content. It is a content company established in 2017 led by the founding members of Olive Studio, which made <Cocomong>. Campfire Aniworks has united its key personnel who produced <Cocomong>, <Pororo>, and <Tayo> for global success based on their experience. Campfire Aniworks is a young company that is creating content that combines workability and business feasibility in the global market based on its experience in content business with E-Land and other large companies.

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