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Kids OTT Animation
Six characters and ‘I’ (viewer)! – Chaotic, funny events happening to our seven friends
The house of Copan is a desert, the house of Zinora is a rocky mountain, the house of Oodada is a meadow, the house of Doink is an orchard… …
We meet friends every day, but we never have the same day.
“There's a big hole in Copan's cactus. Let's all go!”

Six characters and I go to Copan's house.
The way back to meet baby bats in a cactus
The mean ‘black cloud’ come along and sprinkle black water!
"Why do you do that us?"
As we run away, we arrive in an odd country.
What else will happen here?

Company Profile

Character Game Animation

AroundEffect., Ltd

- An interdisciplinary VRAR program enabling users to interact with characters through hand movements over having to hold a controller

Main Project - VRAR Interaction Contents

Please-tame me
- Tame the character by petting it with actual hand movements
- As intimacy grows, friendship is established between the user and the character

You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed
- When not petted or fed, the characters either fall ill or leave the user
- Proper care for the befriended character allows it to develop dynamic, unexpected capabilities
- Each character possesses a unique ability that can be further sharpened with training

Lets go on a trip together
- Travelling with the befriended character is an essential part of the training
- Explore through a wide range of mazes and obstacles with the friend
- Save the world and the other animal characters by together defeating the villain

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