AroundEffect Inc.

AroundEffect Inc. is a production company that produces its own IP 'The Headers' contents after its establishment in 2019.
Currently, we are producing ARVR contents of 'The Heads' and are producing TV series, OTT animation, etc.
Based on the production content, we are going to lead the globalization of the animation industry by growing
'The Headers' into a global character.

We're going to grow 'The Headers' into a global IP.


Business Description

Title : The Headers in wonderland
Genre : Original Nursery Rhymes Musical Animaition
Type : TV Animation Series (5m X 52 episodes)
Target : 3~5 years old

1. Headers live in Savannah. One day
2. They fall very far from home in a typhoon hit by abnormal weather
3. It's a story about them returning home after many twists and turns
4. Heathers will have new experiences with various friends during their trip home
5. It is a story in which they communicate with each other’s hearts and feelings


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