The Perfect Deal

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
OTT Operator
Target Age
50(min) 8Quantity Input


Joon-seong and Jae-hyo are high school schoolmates. On one winter day, when they become 23, drinks together to celebrate Joon-seong completing his military service.
Also, Min-woo, another friend from high school,so-called silver spoon, also joined…
Getting drunken, Jae-hyo and Joon-seong kidnap Min-woo on impulse. The kidnapping show in the semi-basement by drunken courage snowballs and being known to all. After receiving a threatening call, private investigator misjudges Jae-hyo and Joon-seong for professional kidnapper.
Things are going smooth as the sloppy kidnappers intended…
Even paying ransom of 1 billion won, there won’t any trace to their bank balance…
It will be a perfect crime which leaves everyone happy. Two kidnappers planned to send Min-woo back spotlessly after receiving the big ransom, however, the hostage finds out who the kidnappers are. They cannot let go alive if the hostage knows the kidnappers’ face. It is a pity, but they have to kill their friend. When the shadow of death casts down, Min-woo recalls his father’s lesson and suggests a proposal which the once-friend kidnappers cannot refuse.
Will they be able to finish this kidnapping? Will Min-woo return home safe?

Company Profile


Content Wavve Corp.

Korea OTT, "Content Wavve Corp." is a joint venture between Korean terrestrial broadcasters(KBS, MBC, and SBS) and Korean telco (SKT).
"wavve" is a premium content platform available at any device including PC, mobile, smart TV, OTT STB.

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