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IDEACONCERT is a company that creates authoring tools that make cartoon or picture storybooks into webtoon movie. Our special authoring tool Toonivie that separates the objects, Characters, background in a cartoon and produces those images with various effects.
Video production of Webtoons or comics requires more than six programs and is all charged. Also, need a professional employee who handles the program. In addition, you can't find an expert easily and need to cover more than three expensive paid programs.
This video transforms can be created at once using our Webtoon Movie Maker-toonivie.
Separate images with a single click and give dynamic movement with over 50 different effects. All of these operations are output as images and videos and we provide optimized video for viewing on smartphones.

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Cartoon Immersive Content


Ideaconcert is a company that has developed the webtoon movie authoring tool 'TOONIVIE'.
'Webtoon Movie' is a new type of content in the form of video, adding various video effects, camera effects, and sound effects to cartoons and webtoons.

'Toonivie' is an authoring tool for creating webtoot movies quickly and easily.
In the past, you had to use 6 programs to make cartoon and webtoon videos, and need experts to handle each tool.
However, now Ideaconcert can produce videos easily and inexpensively by developing authoring tools specialized for webtoon movie production.

Because "webtoon movies" are video content, you can generate new revenue from various platforms.
Webtoons and cartoons were only available on the webtoon platform.
However, webtoon movies can be served on video platforms such as IPTV, CTV, and OTT.
Plus, it's easy to add ads and create new revenue models.

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