VR 360

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VR tourist attraction kiosk
VR content using kiosk
World Famous Places Consisting of 120 places VR content

- Realistic experience-based educational content that allows visitors to enjoy attractions related to history, culture and society
- Realistically convey local attractions such as islands, seas and mountains that are difficult to visit
- Improving educational efficiency through detailed information guidance through pop-up screen
- Increase students' interest in IT by providing education contents suitable for 4th industrial age
- Effective learning beyond the limits of time and space
- Help students improve their spatial perception ability with experiential education contents and improve student immersion.
- Reducing the educational gap of the underprivileged who have no health problems or financial difficulties
- Increased access to educational and cultural opportunities for students
- Effective learning and interaction beyond the limits of the 2D plane of the book

Company Profile

Broadcasting Immersive Content

MMP Co.,Ltd.

MMP is a company specializing in 360 ° VR contents production using drones. As a result of constant efforts to create new VR content, we are providing the best creative contents such as aerial view, VR picture, video, cyber tour, etc. Through responsive contents, We are providing new VR content to appreciate and sympathize with the place. In order to improve the usability of VR, we are developing VR content in a form that can be used for various devices such as mobile, HMD, PC, kiosk, and broadcasting. In addition, we are developing contents that can cyber tour of Korean attractions and we have the best system to produce VR contents for broadcasting.

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