MMP Co.,Ltd.

BroadcastingImmersive Content
MMP is a company specializing in 360 ° VR contents production using drones. As a result of constant efforts to create new VR content, we are providing the best creative contents such as aerial view, VR picture, video, cyber tour, etc. Through responsive contents, We are providing new VR content to appreciate and sympathize with the place. In order to improve the usability of VR, we are developing VR content in a form that can be used for various devices such as mobile, HMD, PC, kiosk, and broadcasting. In addition, we are developing contents that can cyber tour of Korean attractions and we have the best system to produce VR contents for broadcasting.


Business Description

Infinite expandability of VR video utilization field

Educational data
Help the understanding of education by shooting the place required to learning such as museum, historic sites for patients and the disabled who have limited mobility.
VR images can be utilized for on-site training, immersion learning, special child guidance
Introduction / Promotion of venue
Provide the same services as if users actually visit without visiting the model house, attractions, theaters, hotels and exhibition halls, etc.
Export of contents such as plays, concerts, musicals
Deliver a vibrant site by producing VR images that used to be able to be viewed only visiting.
Tourism / Travel / Leisure
Experience type contents such as Gyro Drop and bungee jumping
Utilized as cyber tourism for alienated tour groups such as the elderly, the disabled through VR video of local attractions such as island, sea and mountain that are difficult to visit.


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