Weak Hero Class 1

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
OTT Operator
Target Age
50(min) 8Quantity Input



A peaceful looking classroom in a school, which is a small society. But there is a rank among the students and also are allies and foes. The seventeen years olds get tangled in relation with unlike ‘friends’ and face the edges of uncontrolled emotions. It makes their life more disordered.
Yeon Si-eun, who is not interested in anything other than studying, is the top student at the entire school and voluntarily acts as an outsider. Yet, because of his flabby exterior, he became a target of the school bullies. Although He has not fought by his own will, he does not avoid if someone picks a fight. With his unique fighting skills using his brain and tools, he never gives up and confronts numerous violence in and out of the school. As things get harder and harder to face alone, he gets help from An Soo-ho, a strange boy who only sleeps at school, and "Oh Beom-seok," a timid transfer student. With these two, Si-eun gets a feeling that there will be something more special to him than studying. Three boys who were alone become ‘three besties’ to each other, nothing to fear of when they are together.
Nothing similar in appearance, personality, school records, and else, Si-eun, Soo-ho and Beom-seok fight to protect each other, sometimes to protect themselves, and learn and grow friendships in their own ways.
However, as everyone, even the newly joined runaway girl is giving all the attention to Si-eun who is becoming a ‘hero’ and cool, easygoing Soo-ho, Beom-seok’s jealousy and inferiority complex rises. The friendship among three begins to crack…

Company Profile


Content Wavve Corp.

Korea OTT, "Content Wavve Corp." is a joint venture between Korean terrestrial broadcasters(KBS, MBC, and SBS) and Korean telco (SKT).
"wavve" is a premium content platform available at any device including PC, mobile, smart TV, OTT STB.

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