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‘zling’ is an AI-based dance game application using a wearable device and is a solution that Kinetic launched for users to enjoy “Technology, K-Content and IoT” in the form of rhythm dance games such as D.D.R, simply on their mobile phone. ‘zling’ provides the simplicity and freedom of place to dance without the need for equipment such as consoles and contains children's songs to K-Pop so that all generations can play together.

Company Profile

Wearable & IoT, Motion Sensing, Mobile Dance Game zling


Kinetic Lab Inc.

Kinetic Lab Inc., established on September 29, 2016, is an R n D startup company consists of the CEO, a Ph.D. in activity recognition and A.I. and the CTO with a M.S. in activity recognition and middleware and the company strives to achieve its core technology, motion-sensing related service ever since.

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