Terms of Use

Chapter 1. General Provision

Article 1 (Purpose)

  • These terms and conditions apply to online overseas marketing and support services(hereinafter referred to as "Sevices") provided by the website built and operated by Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as "KOCCA") . The purpose of this Act is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of KOCCA and users in using the website(hereinafter referred to as "WelCon marketplace").

Article 2 (Definitions)

The terms used in this Act shall be defined as follows:

  • “WelCon marketplace” refers to the https://welcon.kocca.kr/emp website operated by KOCCA.
  • “Subscriber” refers to a member who can use the services provided by the site by signing WelCon marketplace use contract and receiving a member ID.
  • “Member ID” refers to a character selected by a subscriber and approved by KOCCA for subscriber identification and use of WelCon marketplace website.
  • “Password” refers to a combination of letters, numbers, and special codes set by the subscriber to confirm that the subscriber matches the member ID and to protect the subscriber's own information.
  • The meaning of terms not defined in Article 2 follows the provisions of related laws, such as the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act.

Article 3 (Statements and amendments to the terms and conditions)

  • KOCCA posts the contents and name of these terms and conditions, contact information(e-mail address, phone number, etc), and business registration number on the initial service screen which is front so that users can know.
  • If necessary, KOCCA may determine and notify in advance of matters applicable to specific services (hereinafter referred to as “individual terms and conditions”). If the subscriber agrees to the individual terms and uses a specific service, the individual terms take precedence.
  • If the terms and conditions of use and individual terms and conditions are changed, the reason for the revision and the date of application will be specified and notified on the initial page from 7 days before the application date to the day before the application date.
  • If it is revised to something that may be disadvantageous to subscribers, KOCCA will notify WelCon marketplace with a grace period of at least 30 days in advance, and notify users of the content by e-mail. However, if it is difficult to notify individually due to not entering or changing the subscriber's contact information, it is considered that the notice has been individually notified in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • The revised terms and conditions apply equally to users who have signed a usage contract before the change.
  • Subscribers who object to the revised terms and conditions can terminate the contract and request the deletion of registration information at any time.
  • If a subscriber continues to visit WelCon marketplace and use related services after the effective date of the revised terms and conditions, it is deemed to have agreed to the change of the terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Relationship between the provisions of the terms and conditions and the relevant laws and regulations)

  • If matters not specified in these terms and conditions are stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, they shall be governed by the regulations.
  • KOCCA may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate related laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions, the Framework Act on Display Advertisement, and the Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act.

Chapter 2 Conclusion of use contract

Article 5 (Contract for Use)

  • The contract for use of WelCon marketplace service provided by KOCCA (hereinafter referred to as the "use contract") is established by the approval of KOCCA to the application for use of the service by the person who intends to use the service. KOCCA posts its intention to accept the use on the service screen, or notifies the applicant by e-mail or other means.
  • The application for use is established by agreeing to the terms and conditions of WelCon marketplace and registering the necessary matters for the application for use.
  • In principle, KOCCA shall, if the applicant accurately writes the items listed and agrees to these terms and conditions, accept the use of the service.
  • KOCCA may refuse to accept the application if the applicant has a history of violating these terms and conditions, violates these terms and conditions, or is found to be illegal or unfair.
    • 1. In the case where the contents of the application for use are falsely stated
    • 2. In the case where an application is made by stealing another person' name
    • 3. In case the application was made by stealing the business registration number of another company
    • 4. In the case of reports of illegal acts such as fraud by other subscribers of WelCon marketplace
    • 5. In case other application requirements are inadequate

Article 6 (Granting and managing user ID)

  • In principle, members use one user ID.
  • All management responsibility for user ID and password rests with the member who owns the user ID. KOCCA does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by leakage, transfer, rental, or other neglect of ID and password not due to the act of KOCCA.
  • For safe management of user ID and password, subscribers must take the following actions.
    • 1. If a subscriber recognizes that thier user ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, notify KOCCA immediately and follow the guidance of KOCCA.
    • 2. Subscribers must check the logout status after completing the service use.
    • 3. Subscribers should not let others know or use their user ID and password without justifiable reasons.
  • Subscribers should thoroughly manage their user ID in-house to prevent leakage and change of important company information in advance. KOCCA is not responsible for damages such as the use of services incurred to the company due to the negligence of subscribers' employees and user ID.
  • User IDs cannot be shared or transferred. If a subscriber shares or transfers a user ID without prior consultation with KOCCA, KOCCA may suspend the use of the user ID.

Article 7 (Termination of Use Agreement)

  • Subscribers can terminate the contract at any time by notifying KOCCA of their intention to terminate it.
  • KOCCA may restrict the use contract if there are any of the following reasons.
    • 1. In case the subscriber does not have the qualifications required by KOCCA to use the services provided by WelCon marketplace or loses the qualifications
    • 2. In a case where the subscriber registration information is found to be false (borrowing name, etc.), or there is a reasonable reason to suspect that it is so
    • 3. In the case where the subscriber violates the obligation under Article 6
    • 4. In the case where the subscriber violates the obligation under Article 13 (additional)
    • 5. In a case where a subscriber registers a post prescribed in each subparagraph of Article 14 (1) of the Terms of Use, or conducts or attempts to trade goods that violate other public order and customs.
    • 6. In the case where KOCCA revises the terms and conditions and adds, changes, or deletes contents of WelCon marketplace for reasonable reasons such as changes in related laws, changes in transaction status, and service improvement, and asks for consent but the subscriber refuses
    • 7. n the event that a subscriber violates these terms and conditions and related laws, such as all acts presumed to be related to a crime, planning or executing the use of services for the purpose of impeding the public interest, or obstructing the provision of services, etc., or grounds for termination prescribed in these terms and conditions.
  • KOCCA notifies subscribers of their intention to terminate by revealing the reasons for termination through e-mail, phone, fax, and other means. However, KOCCA may give the subscriber an opportunity to state their opinions on the reasons for termination in advance.

Chapter 3 Use of services

Article 8 (Type of Service)

KOCCA provides online place provision service and related supplementary services for content export business between subscribers in WelCon marketplace.

Article 9 (Service usage hours)

  • In principle, the use of WelCon marketplace is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is a special obstacle in the business or technology of KOCCA.
  • Depending on the need, such as regular inspection, the use may be suspended on the day or time notified in advance by KOCCA.

Article 10 (Suspension of Service)

  • KOCCA may suspend the provision of WelCon marketplace services in any of the following cases.
    • 1. In case of unavoidable circumstances such as inspection, expansion or replacement of WelCon marketplace system
    • 2. In case the service is stopped due to reasons beyond the control of KOCCA. (system administrator's intentional or negligent disk failure, system down, etc.)
    • 3. In case the system is stopped due to the intentional or negligence of others (key telecommunication service providers, CPs, etc.)
  • KOCCA may restrict or suspend all or part of WelCon marketplace when there is an obstacle to the normal use of the web service due to a national emergency, a power outage, a failure of the facilities of WelCon marketplace, or excessive use of the web service.
  • Unless there is no intentional or gross negligence on the part of KOCCA, we shall not be liable for damages to subscribers due to the suspension of WelCon marketplace service.

Article 11 (Obligations of KOCCA, Protection of Personal Information)

  • KOCCA makes the service available on the date of commencement of WelCon marketplace service provided by the subscriber, unless there are special circumstances.
  • KOCCA is obliged to continuously and stably provide WelCon marketplace services as stipulated in these terms and conditions.
  • We protect personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and follow a separate privacy policy for details.

Article 12 (Obligations of subscribers)

  • Subscribers must enter their corporate and personal information truthfully and accurately as required by WelCon marketplace entry form and update it over time.
  • Subscribers shall cooperate in accordance with the principle of good faith in the matters requested by KOCCA for operation, management, public relations, and business performance analysis of WelCon marketplace.
  • Subscribers must not engage in any of the following acts.
    • 1. Acts of duplicating or providing information obtained by using WelCon marketplace to a third party for purposes other than the use of subscribers without the prior consent of KOCCA
    • 2. Any act contrary to the continuous transmission of advertising information against the will of the recipient or the transmission and reception of large amounts of data that interferes with the stable operation of the service, registration of postings, or other sound service use
    • 3. Acts that infringe on the rights, honor, credibility, or legitimate interests of others, including KOCCA and subscribers
    • 4. Acts that interfere with the smooth operation of the services provided by KOCCA

Article 13 (Posts by subscribers)

  • When the contract of use with the subscriber is terminated, KOCCA may, if necessary, arbitrarily delete the contents in WelCon marketplace posted or registered by the subscriber.
  • If KOCCA determines that the contents in WelCon marketplace posted or registered by the subscriber fall under any of the following subparagraphs, KOCCA may arbitrarily delete the contents or permanently or temporarily suspend the use of the relevant subscriber.
    • 1. In a case where the rights, personal information, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of another person are damaged by slander against KOCCA and other subscribers or third parties
    • 2. In case of violation of public order and morals
    • 3. Any acts such as posting, registering, or promoting illegal pornography or media harmful to juveniles
    • 4. In the case where there is a possibility of infringement of another person's intellectual property rights
    • 5. In the case of registering counterfeit goods infringing on the rights of the trademark holder
    • 6. In case it does not match the nature of the service or is duplicated
    • 7. In the case of including false or exaggerated advertisements
    • 8. In a case where it is objectively recognized that it is associated with a criminal act
    • 9. In a case where it is reported as an Internet fraud on a specific basis and is found guilty to some extent
    • 10. In the case of including computer viruses or data that cause malfunction or confusion of information and communication facilities
    • 11. In the case where it is determined that it violates other relevant laws and regulations on the management of posts by KOCCA
    • 12. In a case where it is judged that it is difficult to check the posted information due to not updating the post for a long time without a reasonable reason or due to the remarkably insufficient content
  • All responsibilities, civil and criminal, including copyright infringement, caused by post images, text, and videos (including attachments) rest with the publisher of the post, and KOCCA is not responsible for it.
  • The copyright of the posts registered in WelCon marketplace of KOCCA belongs to the publisher, as long as it does not infringe the rights of a third party. KOCCA has the right to publish in WelCon marketplace.
  • KOCCA may expose posts registered by subscribers on search sites or sites related to KOCCA, and may use them for free of charge for promotions, publicity and other materials. In addition, within the services provided by the KOCCA, subscribers' posts can be reproduced, displayed, transmitted, and distributed, and can be created as secondary works and editorial works.However, if the subscriber who registered the post requests to delete or stop using the post, the company will immediately delete or stop using it, except for matters that must be preserved in accordance with relevant laws. Copyright and intellectual property rights for works created by KOCCA and the consigned company belong to KOCCA.
  • The contents of the information posted or registered by the subscriber on WelCon marketplace may be infringed on privacy, defamation, copyright infringement, intellectual property infringement, etc. A person who has been infringed on information that infringes on the rights of others (hereinafter referred to as “infringement information”) When requesting deletion of infringing information or posting of rebuttal content by explaining the fact of infringement to KOCCA will take necessary measures without delay, such as deletion of infringing information and temporary access blocking measures within 30 days (hereinafter referred to as "temporary measures"). The same applies even if KOCCA determines that the information is infringing information on its own. In the case where KOCCA takes necessary measures against infringement information, KOCCA immediately notifies the requester and publisher of the infringement information. A subscriber whose information was posted or registered has been deleted from an agreement, a definitive record, or other deletion between the parties to the dispute. Restoration of deleted information to KOCCA by presenting sufficient evidence that the temporary information is not infringement information, etc. If a temporary measure is requested to be suspended, KOCCA may comply with the request.

Article 14 (Commercial posting and transaction with advertisers)

  • KOCCA can post advertisements on WelCon marketplace.
  • KOCCA is not responsible for losses and damages incurred by subscribers' participation, communication, or transactions in advertisements on WelCon marketplace or their advertiser promotional activities.

Article 15 (Denial of representation and guarantee)

  • KOCCA does not represent subscribers who want to sell or purchase goods because it only provides an online Marketplace for mutual transactions between subscribers. In addition, none of KOCCA's actions are considered on behalf of the seller or buyer.
  • KOCCA does not guarantee the existence and authenticity of sales or purchase intention, quality, integrity, safety, legality, information entered by subscribers, and any risks and responsibilities related to the sale and purchase between subscribers through WelCon marketplace.
  • KOCCA does not control or restrict all information such as product descriptions posted by subscribers. However, if the content of the information posted by the subscriber violates the honor and rights of others or violates laws and regulations, KOCCA may refuse to approve, delete, or take other necessary measures.

Chapter 4. Others.

Article 16 (Exemption clause)

  • In the event that KOCCA cannot provide the service temporarily or ultimately due to a natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto, maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication equipment, or interruption of communication, the responsibility for the provision of the service is exempted. In this case, KOCCA notifies subscribers by posting on the screen of the Internet site provided by KOCCA or by other means.
  • Since the service provided by KOCCA to subscribers is limited to providing an online Marketplace and other additional information, the necessary post-processing, such as dispute resolution due to management of transaction progress between subscribers through WelCon marketplace, is They must do it themselves. KOCCA is not involved in this and assumes no responsibility whatsoever. KOCCA is not responsible for damages suffered by subscribers due to defects in goods traded through WelCon marketplace, errors in product registration information, or deficiencies.
  • Subscribers are not liable for damages caused by failure to obtain expected profits from WelCon marketplace or selection or use of service materials.
  • KOCCA is not responsible for compensating subscribers for mental damage caused by other subscribers while using WelCon marketplace unless they are maliciously neglected even though KOCCA knows it.
  • Personal information contained in the contents voluntarily or publicly posted by the subscriber may be collected and used by others, and these risks are borne by the subscriber individual and KOCCA shall not bear any responsibility for this.
  • KOCCA is not responsible for damages incurred by subscribers by trusting various information, data, reliability, and accuracy of facts posted on WelCon marketplace.
  • The subscriber is responsible for various damages caused by failure to correct the information registered at the time of application for use and registration of posts, and KOCCA is not responsible for this.
  • KOCCA has no representation of other sites that subscribers visit through this site and has no control authority.
  • KOCCA and the affiliated company (referring to a company that operates a site connected to the service screen and link of KOCCA) are independently operated, and KOCCA is not responsible for transactions between the affiliated company and subscribers.
  • KOCCA shall not be liable for damages incurred to subscribers without the intention or gross negligence of KOCCA in relation to the use of services provided by KOCCA.

Article 17 (Other matters)

Matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions or any objection to interpretation will be handled by agreement between KOCCA and members.


  • (Enforcement Date) This Act shall enter into force on January 1, 2023.