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- An interdisciplinary VRAR program enabling users to interact with characters through hand movements over having to hold a controller

Main Project - VRAR Interaction Contents

Please-tame me
- Tame the character by petting it with actual hand movements
- As intimacy grows, friendship is established between the user and the character

You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed
- When not petted or fed, the characters either fall ill or leave the user
- Proper care for the befriended character allows it to develop dynamic, unexpected capabilities
- Each character possesses a unique ability that can be further sharpened with training

Lets go on a trip together
- Travelling with the befriended character is an essential part of the training
- Explore through a wide range of mazes and obstacles with the friend
- Save the world and the other animal characters by together defeating the villain


Business Description

- Use of Oculus quest2 technology creates an environment that allows the user to interact with characters in the game without having to manage a controller
- Oculus quest2 Hand Tracking SDK recognizes and tracks user’s hand movements, enabling the user to touch and control the character
- An interdisciplinary game that capitalizes on diverse technologies including depth-sensing cameras for environmental scanning and rendering


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