B.I. Group

The BI Group is a creative animation production company founded in 2005 and is developing both 3D and 2D animation. Since the airing of the first film in 2007, about 10 series (about 350 episodes) have been featured on terrestrial channels and major channels. 2D Flash animation Bubble Bubble Cook has been in service for 1 - 3 seasons in Korea as well as in China, and 4th season is under development now. The BI Group will expand not only animation planning and production, but also web drama, performance and other creative areas, and will be reborn as a true creator of cultural contents.


Business Description

2007. 03 - 2D Flash Animation Muffy and Jemjem 1 aired on MBC
2008. 10 - 2D Flash Animation Super Sleigh aired on MBC
2009. 02 - 2D Flash Animation Muffy and Jemjem 2 aired on MBC
2010. 03 - 2D Flash Animation Bubble Bubble Cook 1 aired on MBC
2011. 09 - 2D Flash Animation Bubble Bubble Cook 2 aired on MBC
2013. 02 - 2D Flash Animation Dobi Dobi Mansion aired on MBC
2013. 08 - 2D Flash Animation The Bubble Cook Fellowship aired on MBC
2015. 02 - 2D Flash Animation Full Moon Factory aired on MBC
2016. 06 - 3D Animation Gorollas aired on SBS
2018. 07 - 3D Animation Cupcake Fairy Pink and Friends in development
2018. 07 - Web Drama Wizard Bakery in development


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