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50 million arts welfare created by visiting traditional art

Company Deullim Co., Ltd.
It is a preliminary social enterprise corporation established to promote the welfare of national culture and arts.

For the revival of local culture and arts, where the community, citizens, and art coexist
We are carrying out various cooperative projects.

Business Description

1. [App/web art matching platform service ‘Open Korean Music’ & ‘World Music Nonina’]

- Traditional art specialized matching <Open Korean traditional music>
- World Music Fusion Matching <World Music Nonina>
- Sustainable traditional art as a vision... Popularization of traditional arts, encouragement of multicultural neighbors and families to advance into cultural arts, support of new artists, etc.
- Rational and safe matching between supply and demand for planning, performances, events, etc.
- Significantly lower fees compared to the industry average fees for cultural arts agencies

2. [Korean & World Traditional Arts Content]

- Development, production, delivery and operation of performances, events, albums/goods, lectures, broadcasts, experiences, tourism, etc.
- Delivery performance to KBS, Korean traditional music broadcasting, local festivals and events, cultural foundation performances, tourism foundation/meeting experience products, Korea Teacher Campus, local government official training center, etc.
- Host and organizer of the 2023 WTAF World Traditional Arts Festival

3. [Korean & World Traditional Arts Management and Performance Agency]

- Fusion Korean traditional music (folk songs, jeongga, janggu, gayageum, danso, flute, dance, etc.)
- World music (Spanish flamenco, Indian sitar, Arab oud, Turkiye Srutibox/Darbuka, Brazilian pandeiro, etc.)


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