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Hello, this is YULCOMPANY Co., Ltd.

We are a company that operates in the fields of music and cultural content production, distribution, licensing, IP development, and education. For over 20 years, we have been actively adapting to the changing trends and business landscape of the music industry, and have been at the forefront of creating innovative and creative content that merges traditional and contemporary music with culture and art.

In particular, we have created the YULBGM platform by introducing local machine translation and local currency payment systems, to cater to the global demand for popular Hallyu cultural content. Through this platform, we have successfully implemented a profitable business model by creating and distributing content worldwide.

Furthermore, we are proud to have a team of highly specialized and knowledgeable personnel who have accumulated experience and expertise in various fields of cultural and artistic content. We work together to develop innovative ideas and strive for growth and success.

We aim to deliver joy and inspiration to people through music and cultural arts, and to succeed in the global market through our innovative and profitable business models. Thank you.


Business Description

Development and operation of traditional music creation platform YULBGM
DSV Sound has developed the YULBGM platform, creating various genres and moods of traditional music for use by video producers and YouTube creators, among others. Through this platform, the company promotes the spread of traditional music and cultural exchange.
K-pop album and music production and promotion
DSV Sound is active in various music-related industries, including the production of K-pop albums and music. Additionally, the company supports the expanded activities of K-pop artists in the global market through promotion and advertising.
Consulting and technical support across the music industry
DSV Sound provides consulting and technical support across the music industry, supporting the growth and development of the music business. This helps to facilitate sustainable growth in the music industry.


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