Crafted by Creators, Loved by Gamers.

"We are a creative game development circle, always pushing the limits. We will keep making unique games for all genres and platforms, to be loved by gamers everywhere."

Founded in 2011, IKINAGAMES is a dev studio who aims to be a trustworthy game dev studio with amusing games over boundaries of genres and platforms. IKINAGAMES has a culture of dividing into several groups named Circles, in which the members with same interest and specialty in specific genres, so that each circle can master their dev type.​​


Business Description

2024 Released KINNIKUMAN "ultimate tag boisterous dance"
2023 Released All of Us Are Dead
2023 Released The Ramsey
2022 Released Galaxy Tales : Story of Rapunzel
2021 Released Devil Piece
2021 Released Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine
2021 Released Order Zero
2019 Released God Punch
2019 Released Paperzle
2019 Released Super Hamster Ball
2019 Released Castle Bane
2019 Released Little Town Hero
2018 Released Natural Born Idiots with Naverwebtoon IOS Android
2017 Released global version Dodge Hard IOS Android
2017 Released VR game CUBIANS on STEAM
2016 Released global version Cube knight IOS Android in 28 countries
2015 Fairytail-Goku mahouranbu was released in Japan ios/Android-Publisher COPRO
2015 Soulraid was released-Publisher BiCore
2014 Saint seiya-party battle was released in Japan ios Android
2013 Released Knights Of Girls in Japan ios/Android-Publisher DeNA
2013 Released Evangelline, Princess of hell in Japan-Publisher Cosen
2013 Summon girls-For Kakao was released in Korea-Publisher Smilegate
2013 Mori Nori global version was released


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