ROOT M&C Co. Ltd

Root M&C Co., Ltd. is creating new content moving into the metaverse era.
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We Create New Video Productions.

With the digital revolution, the media content production environment is rapidly changing as virtual world implementation technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR) and IT technologies such as 5G mobile communication develop.

We are striving to create new broadcasting programs and provide new video experiences to viewers by converging new virtual production technologies with creative storytelling methods.

We are conducting VR (Virtual Reality) production and Location Based Entertainment (LBE) business in Seoul and Jakarta. We also collaborate with Asia's largest virtual studio VAC to provide ASEAN countries with one-stop service, technology collaboration, and IP consultation including virtual production know-how and technology transfer.


Business Description

[Virtual Music Show Avatar Singer]
1. Virtual production convergence broadcast production
2. Development of One Source Muti Use (OSMU) content linked to IP
3. Development of NFT focusing on character artwork
4. Expansion of the metaverse platform business by strengthening UGC (User-Generated Contents)

[Virtual YouTuber Solutions and Interactive Content]
1. Motion capture solution service for real-time transmission
2. Producing realistic broadcasts using avatars
3. Interactive DID system supply
4. Virtual avatar production training and management

[New ASEAN VR and Virtual Production Services]
1. Korea Virtual Studio Shooting Location Service
2. Development of New ASEAN 3D Virtual Production Pipeline
3. Consultation on XR STAGE construction and technical support in the New ASEAN Region


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