Build a mountain of performance content with imagination
Sangsang Maru is a social venture company in the field of culture and arts with the motto of "Building a Mountain of Performance Contents by Imagination," and it develops contents for children and family audiences. Since its establishment in 2012, Sangsang Maru has successfully produced a total of 17 original performances and has 21 Content IPs. In particular, it develops various characters and produces and distributes products based on the performances.

SangSangMaru collaborates and develops numerous performances and arts education programs not only in Asian countries like China and Vietnam but also in European countries such as Denmark,Norway, and Sweden.

SangSangMaru is shaping a new history for Korean creative performances through imagination, creativity, and a pioneering spirit in new markets. They value the universal humanistic principles and respect the diversity of race and culture, striving to promote the social values of sharing and coexistence. Moreover, they embrace the mission of enhancing the capacity of creative performances through dialectical development.

Business Description

2023 Musical <Cat zorba> Leading Showcase in Hanoi, Vietnam
2023 Nonverbal <NeNeNe> PAMS Link to select and perform at Welcome Daehangno Festival
2023 Musical <Troll's Child> Co-production Performance and Licensing Agreement in Hanoi, Vietnam
2023 Musical <GuGu> Creative premiere performance (Jongno Cultural Foundation) and domestic tour performance
2023 <Asia-Europe Performance Exchange and Cooperation> Agreement signed with Denmark's NTL-OT Odin Theater Company
2023 Production and performance of "Kairos", the theme performance of Suncheon Bay National Garden Expo

2022 Sign a mid- to long-term agreement with the Vietnamese Youth Theater (National) for family musical exchange and cooperation
2022 Musical <Troll's Child> Showcase in Hanoi, Vietnam
2022 Signing a joint development agreement for the UK <Mountview Academy of theaters>
2022 Nunveral <Petals & Tales> ShowBox premiere in Norway and tour Poland, Norway
2022 Musical <Sooner> creative premiere and tour of 3 cities in Guri, Inje and Yeoju

2021 Musical <Onemore> China Licensing Agreement and People's Grand Theater in Shanghai, China
I2021 Nunberal <NeNeNe> invited to perform on a tour of three Swedish cities

2020 Seoul Children's Theater Award <Yes Yes Yes> (Aciteji Winter Festival Audience Popularity Award)
2020 Musical "Robinson Crusoe" premieres at Orange Contemporary Theater in Shanghai, China
2020 Establishment of the Corporate Creative Research Institute <Children's Storytelling Research Institute> (Certification No. 99 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

2014 Incorporation of Sangsang Maru Corporation of Cultural Works


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