We started in January 2017. We are a starting company whose design is the mainstay of founded enterprise.
We are promoting two contents of platform character "Torymong" and paper toy coffee carrier "Torycarrier”.
Torycarrier is combined paper toy with coffee carrier and is world's first.
It uses coffee shop channels and is distributed to about 300 cafés throughout Korea.
Also, various collaborations such as famous franchise coffee shops and convenience stores are ongoing and are expected products in the future.
We have launched a character brand called "Torymong”. Torymong is a platform toy representing Korea.
Torymong in the same form, various identities are merged and collaborated in various forms and can be used.
we utilize these strengths to develop our business in the form of various shape, and it is being utilized as a representative marketing medium of different colors.
In addition, we are preparing art toy figures and goods of materials other than the paper toy type.

Business Description

Torymong is a platform character that is representative of Korea like the world famous platform character. It is being sold at a coffee shop, not a fancy shop. We have more than 1000 designs and are engaged in various collaborations.
Currently, we are expanding our awareness through SNS, and we are forming a culture that collects Torymong in a special market called K-P0P Fan Clubs. We have held Torymong events with more than 50 fan clubs including BTS, and we have been receiving overseas inquiries by bringing awareness through effective exposure to overseas fans.
Tory Carrier has grown to become a unique coffee product that has released more than 40 products, has 500 members, and has achieved over 3000 SNS hash tags for 8 months. We are planning to customize coffee shop and corporate collaboration, and we are preparing to advance overseas in Asia by protecting intellectual property rights.


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