Studio Ah Yeah JoongAng Co., Ltd.

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  • Location : Changjo 15th floor 48-6, Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
SAY(StudioAh-Yeah) is an affiliated studio of JTBC, one of the most renowned television networks in Korea.

As the biggest unscripted studio in Korea, SAY aims to establish powerful Content Value Chain through not only supporting top-notch creators, but also developing, producing, investing, and distributing the original IPs for the multi-platforms era.

SAY consists of the largest Creator group in Korea with 170 producers and 4 production labels. In addition to its portfolio with a wide range of genres, including variety shows, talk shows, and documentary series, SAY also produces and distributes content for diverse platforms such as <Single's Inferno(Netflix), <Witch Hunt 2023>(Tving), <My Sibling's Romance>(Wavve & JTBC).

With such potential to expand its capability, SAY aims to open up a new horizon to both domestic and global content industry.


Business Description

- 2018.02. Established as JTBC4 Co., Ltd.
- 2022.09. Produced JTBC's <Lawyer Han's Blackbox Review>
- 2022.10. Invested in the production company StoryWeb (SBS's Kokomu)
- 2022.11. Produced JTBC's <Moving Day>, <MukjaGo> 제작
- 2023.01. Produced JTBC's <House Judge>
- 2023.01. Produced JTBC's <New Year Report - Three Wars> (StoryWeb)
- 2022.02. Invested in the production Shijak company (Single’s Inferno Series)
- 2022.09. Produced JTBC's <Lawyer Han's Blackbox Review>
- 2023.03. Produced JTBC's <K-Lunch Tray>
- 2023.07. Produced Tving's <Witch Hunt 2023>
- 2023.08. Produced JTBC's <Express Delivery: Mongolia Edition>
- 2023.09. Renamed as Studio Ah-Yeah JoongAng Co., Ltd.
- 2023.10. Produced JTBC's <The Gentleman’s League Season 3>
- 2023.12. Produced Netflix's <Single’s Inferno Season 3>
- 2024.01 Produced JTBC's JTBC <Knowing Bros>,<The Gentlemen's League>,<25H Talk-Porter>
- 2024.03 Produced JTBC-WAVVE's <My Sibling's Romance>


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