Heroes Of Atlan

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"Heroes of Atlan" is a collection turn-based RPG, with epic stories, popularized graphics with hundreds of Heroes to choose. As players complete countless quests, they will collect many heroes in which they can use them to customize and upgrade by building up the unique party
Players can link to the facebook to play with their friends. They can also create or join a guild and play with thousands of players from all across the world.

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TRITONE, a mobile game developer / publisher, was founded in September 2009 by the people who desired to provide the best games with the highest quality to gaming users worldwide. TRITONE developed various games and serviced their games in many regions in the world. One of their most successful titles is "Puzzle Three Kingdoms" which was a popular mobile game in East Asia and is still on service. TRITONE also mainly focuses on developing games of the RPG genre, but will also invest in creating casual and social games as well. TRITONE plans on becoming a global company, captivating many audiences around the world.

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