On the Spectrum

Year of Production


Three roommates on the autistic spectrum share a sheltered apartment, learning to cope with the world around them. They carry on their intricate lives as young autistic adults and offer their unique view and interpretation of day-to-day life.

Company Profile


Desert Bloom Pictures

Desert Bloom Pictures is a content production company based in Seoul and Los Angeles. The company was founded by Jennice Lee, who specializes in developing and producing film and TV content for global audiences.

Prior to Desert Bloom, Jennice worked for Dexter Studios in Korea. There she managed the development of multiple feature films globally co-produced between Asia and North America. One such notable project she worked on with Dexter Studios' founder, director Kim Yong-hwa, was the ALONG WITH THE GODS 1 and 2, which ranked 3rd and 6th highest in Korean box office history.

Desert Bloom Pictures has signed multiple development and production deals with top-notch Korean film and TV companies. Our goal is to bring together competitive original IP and co-production opportunities with first-class talents in Korea and the U.S.

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