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A funny bouncy dog, Rinkinton

Feel the fun energy and enthusiasm that the way Rinkinton is pursuing for his crazy dream lands. Mobile character Rinkinton is targeting from baby to Kidult by focusing on merchandising, publishing and digital contents and games. This cute little fat clueless dog ‘Rinkinton’ loves to put on his crazy outfits to play such as Ninja Noddle, Last Warrior, Mr. Pirate, Fashion Leader and so on tot roles in play the different roles in his magical worlds and he lives upon these unique self-created fantasy lands. ‘Rinkinton’ life styles are too edgy that he can't avoid getting into troubles with ‘Pozoms’, the Potato zombie brothers. Rinkinton sprinkles happy and delightful messages to us as always and now open for all licensing possibilities.

Company Profile

Character Animation Fashion

Rediks Graphics

Specializing in character, lifestyle brand and commercial brand creation, licensing and exploitations for the media platforms and consumer markets, Rediks Graphics has been creating the funny, pop inspired and mobile friendly contents as well as doing co-creations with foreign creators and productions in order to resonate with young people since its establishment on 2009.
Rediks Graphics represents from the newly streaming Animation character Lalalacoco who is a fashionable, independent school girl in a big city to the classical peace-loving hippie lifestyle squirrel character Choop, a lifestyle Tartan brand House of Tartan, an eccentric magical fairy cat in New York Anacoli, a lazy action wizard dog Rinkinton over to various platforms to extend the brand potential of the broadcasting, merchandising, publishing, digital content, streaming and licensing.

Rediks Graphics also cooperates K Beauty brand strategy with a sister company, the cosmeceutical lab to expand K Beauty brand.

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