Slow Slow Sloth Neul

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The Amazon has suffered an environmental change because of the development of civilization. That’s why our friends Neul, Arl and Gil moved to a shabby house on loop in the city. Arl is a hot-tempered and a tough guy. He’s always looking for a part-time job and works very hard. Gil knows his special ability. So he gets a job in a vermin extermination company and works so hard while sloth Neul can’t find a job, because he is always sleepy and slow. But whenever his friends come home with str

Company Profile

Character Animation

J Bugs Co., Ltd.

The J Bugs Co.,Ltd. is center of Korean cultural contents (character, animation, illustration, art, etc.). The J-Bugs is a company that pioneers the integrated entertainment industry. Oure area is developing the character, licensing, distribution and animation planning and production.
It is our Business area, Items
(Character Business)
- Animation Production
- Product Licensing
- Online Licensing
- Online Licensing
- Place Development
(Illustration Business)
- Culture Business
J-Bugs have three different IP, we use the IP among each business area.
1. Raon
2. Slow Slow Sloth Neul
3. Ann Style

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