Bamboo Network is a new media comprehensive content studio that constantly studies and strives based on the know-how and big data experienced in the changing MZ generation's taste digital media field.

Currently, we have received continuous investment to discover new creators and develop unique IPs
On May 2022, we attracted 6 billion Pre-B investments.

And We are strengthening our capabilities with Content IP Entertainer, focusing on the business of making content sustainable.


Business Description

In order to respect all creativity, we break down boundaries and create content that will drive culture for the next generation.

[Business field]

1. Discovering and fostering new creators
- Writer, director, actor

2. Content planning and production
- Planning and Production of Original Web Drama
- Planning and production of a branded web drama
- Planning and production of digital advertising

3. Create interactive content
- Text-based interactive game story planning
- Video Interactive Game Story Planning and Production

- Produce pre-built IPs into other forms of content


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