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  • Location : 6층 73, Jukdong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
KSEEK is a technology venture company that has been studying futuristic interactive broadcasting production technology for many years and is an independent broadcasting company.
We have continued to develop Linux server daemon-based software technology that can connect with broadcasting from the beginning, and this has become the driving force of the development of "ThankyouAge", the current two-way broadcasting platform. As a result of continuous development of two-way broadcasting technology and broadcasting production, it succeeded in broadcasting live broadcasting of KBS SmartTalk show 'Follow Me' In 2014, and then to various broadcasting companies and producers such as Arirang TV, EBS, Daejeon MBC We are working together.


Business Description

Interactive broadcast and event platform ThankyouAge

KBS - Dilemma talk show Follow me
JTBC - Current affairs talk Generational empathy
EBS - Scholarship quiz show, Live show BoniHani
Daejeon MBC - Dinner for kids, Listen up, Morning and Quiz so on.
JEI TV - Big data quiz show Chozoomin
YTN Science - Collective intelligence game show The Rival
Vietnam DienQuan - Smartphone gameshow Love Coin
Vietnam HTV - Interactive quiz show Top Rank


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