Studio JTBC JoongAng Co., Ltd.

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  • Location : SJJ 48-6, Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
SJJ (Studio JTBC Joongang), an affilliate of South Korean broadcasting company JTBC, is the only Unscripted Studo in the country. The studio focuses on developing, producing and distributing high-quality IP in the multi-platform era.

The studio started as a trend-lifestyle broadcasting channel in 2018 and has produced varitey programs for JTBC, such as <Lawyer Han's Blackbox Review>, <Moving Day> and <House Judge> since 2022.

In 2023, the studio has expanded the IP catalogue by investing in genre-specialized production companies like StoryWeb (SBS's Kokomu), Shijak Company (Netflix's Single's Inferno series).

Business Description

- 2018.02. Established as JTBC4 Co., Ltd.
- 2018.04. Launched trend lifestyle cable channel JTBC4
- 2022.09. Produced JTBC's <Lawyer Han's Blackbox Review>
- 2022.10. Invested in the production company StoryWeb (SBS's Kokomu)
- 2022.11. Produced JTBC's <Moving Day>, <MukjaGo> 제작
- 2023.01. Produced JTBC's <House Judge>
- 2023.01. Produced JTBC's <New Year Report - Three Wars> (StoryWeb)
- 2023.02. Renamed as Studio JTBC JoongAng Co., Ltd.
- 2023.02 Invested in production company Shijak Company (Netflix's Single's Inferno series)


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