Toyou's Dream Inc.

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Global No. 1 Webtoon IP Studio,
‘Toyou’s Dream’

Toyou’s Dream Inc. is one of the best Webtoon production companies in South Korea that was first established in 2009. We have been cooperating with about 300 artists and writers, and have produced more than 530 titles in various genres. We are currently publishing more than 78 titles on 20 different platforms all around the world like Japan, China, America, France, Thailand etc..

The main title of ours is a global action noir masterpiece called <Tong>, <Dokgo>, and <Blood Rain> series, which is growing and developing within a unified world view called <Meenbaekdoo Universe>. We also have other decent action titles such as <Shark>, <God of Blackfield>, <Avenger K>, <Castle>, and <Polar Night>.

Although the main area of our business is Webtoon, we have been actively participating in the film industry as well. As a result, we successfully created a number of movies and dramas such as <Tong: Memories>, <Dokgo Rewind>, <Shark: The Beginning>, <Item>, <Ouch> etc..

Moreover, we established our own filmmaking studio called ‘Studio Toyou Inc.’ in 2021, and are expanding the boundaries of our business from Webtoon itself to producing videos and other content based on the Webtoon IPs that we have.


Business Description

1. International distribution of our Webtoon titles
2. Creating films, dramas, and OTT video content based on our Webtoon titles
3. Print-publication of our Webtoon titles
4. Webtoon character merchandising
5. Branded Webtoon co-production


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