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Are you ready for the Badanamu Pop Hits collection?
Bada Pop gets your learner up and moving with Bada and all his adorable friends.

Featuring everything from “Pow Pow Pay” to the pop sensation “Hop Pop Stop.”
This list has all the songs kids can’t wait to hear.

Perfect for all ages.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Animation Music

KidsLoop Co., Ltd

Born in 2011 with a mission to change the paradigm of early learning, KidsLoop introduced its IP brand, Badanamu to help young children find the joy of learning and discovery.
Since then, we have been creating high-quality educational content for children ages 0-7 in the belief that creativity, emotional engagement, and active learning are the foundation of the children’s growth.
It now provides more than 3,000 minutes of English nursery rhymes, pop songs, and animation series for preschool children. With sophisticated 3D animation technology, highly engaging learning content, captivating music, and lovable characters, Badanamu has reached 40 billion views across more than 100 countries.
KidsLoop is dedicated to creating revolutionary educational methods and content to achieve education for tomorrow.

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