todus tavel sandals

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Todus sandals can go with any situation. You can wear them anywhere anytime.
They are made of light material, and also they wrap up your feet in a very comfortable way.
With todus sandals, you can walk as much as you want.
You’ll have a pair of soles and two pairs of diffrent straps.
The sandals can be worn in two diffrent ways with ivory or black straps.
It’s like a buy one, get one free !
Because they can be separated into soles and straps.
You can easily carry them in your pockets.
Also, you can stuff them in a tiny corner of your bag when you don’t need them.
You can simply tighten up straps to make a perfect fit for any foot shapes.
You can also add some accessaries and extra straps to create custom and unique shoes on your own.

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ES studio

Estodus was born from my experience of getting wet sneakers on the sudden shower during traveling.
We provide stylish strap sandals that go well with your every traveling outfit as well as lighten your baggage.
Estodus also provide bags for traveling that will make your trip easier and better !

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