SM Culture And Contents
SM C&C is a Leading Content Creator Promoting Core Values of K-Culture and Content. Our Business Structure is Built in a Way that Stimulates Synergy with SM Entertainment Group, Putting Us at the Forefront of Promoting K-Culture.

1. We Collaborate with Top Local Actors, Idols, Models and Musicians Affiliated with SM Entertainment: We enjoy certain privileges when collaborating with SM Entertainment’s celebrities and artists for modeling and other projects.

2. Our Content Takes On Multi-faceted Forms Through Multi-platforms and One-Source-Multi-use Strategy: Content business can be expanded through original content production and IP-leveraged PPL planning, by utilizing the systematic platform that SM C&C Studio has developed and run.

In terms of media production business, SM C&C Studio produces a variety of high-quality content that grabs the headlines and boasts profitability, for local and overseas TV channels and OTT platforms, by collaborating with top-tier local celebrities and artists

- Digital Content: We produce original content tailored for TEENZ, to be featured on digital platforms such as Youtube, Naver, Kakao. IP-generated value-added content business and content-generated media commerce enable implementation of new business models for content production.

- TV Entertainment Production: We produce high-profile local entertainment programs for free-to-air, cable and generalist cable channels such as <Knowing Bros> etc. The strengths of these programs, built through high-quality directing and planning, are proven by their success in the global markets.